Thursday, October 7, 2010

The fate of Sina and Sohu, Sina too poor to only ads

Sina and Sohu, China's two biggest Internet portals, most lasting a pair of enemies. Because of the great success in the content, Sina and Sohu, the outsider, has been conducting homogeneous competition in both wireless access, instant messaging, games, search and other areas, the more so. Diversification, the incident became a symbol of China's portal.

Since then, people seemed to be concentrated in the more assertive Charles Zhang body, and to the figures on the Sohu earnings were questioned and criticized. As everyone knows, those days, Sohu China Mobile suffered the torment of punishment, while Sina's high profits because of the wireless business while maintaining a plausible earnings.

However, this did not last long. CEO turnover has been traditionally characterized by Sina, a wide range of road in front began to shrink. Funds have been spent that year acquired the wealth of high trip sale, and UC's devastated, that the acquisition of Sina and the network in addition to hearing Lung Hing, failed. NCsoft joint venture with South Korea's music valley, and eventually out of cash two million U.S. dollars Sina ended. More noteworthy is that the sale of wealth journey out of 900 thousand U.S. dollars of income and Fun Valley two million U.S. dollars income, all net profit was booked as the fifth CEO Charles Chao admitted its first earnings report since.

Since then, Sina frequent high-level through the activities and the voice of the expression to the outside world's determination to focus on online advertising. With the move to implement and strengthen the New Deal, Sina's financial statements, advertising revenue from 40% before gradually rising to 60% and return to core business status.

The control of professional managers with different Sina, Sohu founder always grasp the lifeline, patience and toughness is more obvious, even criticized. Came through the acquisition of chinaren, 17173, focus, goodfeel and map line world, although much less the voice of the industry, but in their respective fields still maintained a leadership position in Figure line world is integrated into the search dogs, search dogs to become the only one with their own map search search engine.

Beginning in 2004, Charles Zhang has been on the outside technology-driven and product-oriented emphasis, as Sohu in marketing have left a deep impression, few people believe that Charles Zhang technology. However, when the fluid on the World Cup video shown in Sohu, people gradually began to believe that the Charles Zhang perseverance and commitment. Self-developed online game Tian Long Ba Bu, Sohu also offers a new growth opportunity. Sohu and Sogou input method blog success is the technology to accumulate people Sohu new look.

Sohu's assessment of people who do not know what characteristics of Sohu, Sina's evaluation is on the news. Now, in addition to Sina news, not a subtle business, had been high hopes and Wang Yan in person to promote the search engine around, it finally sink like a stone to choose give up independent R & D use Google's technology. Advertising revenue growth and other business in the doldrums, so we have to believe that today's Sina, Sina is a completely-out content.

In contrast, people seem to never leave the Sohu's chinaren, 17173, focus and graphics world. Sohu in the layout of technology and products has become more clear, P2P in the country has the absolute leading position in the search engines with no gap between competitors, the game turned on the network, blog product experience superior. Sohu's content, too, in his development, Internet advertising revenue continues to the frequency of double-digit growth, the Olympics returned to the Sohu covered with a veil of mystery but worth the wait.

Web2.0 the rise of users from passive recipients into active creators of content products more representative than the future of the Internet. Under this wave of Sina and Sohu, whose fate will be even better? The face of Tencent, Baidu's rise against the capital, who has enough?

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  1. Can you talk about this more. Looks like Sina will be the long term winner with Weibo and their new apps for Weibo and 2.0 internet