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SW-CMM and China - On the "quality certification"

CMM on the importance of China's software industry is what?
CMM software industry in China is very valuable, its importance is it that the author of "Software Engineering and Software Capability Maturity Model SW-CMM" mentioned in the article "Synthesis of the menu and the menu" feature. China's software industry is rather young professionals are young, the number of enterprises is also increased in recent years, up until not long-term practice by a large number of accumulated experience. Unlike foreign companies can do with old and new. Many companies probably not yet established a robust software engineering process. In this case almost a white, full use of CMM and other software engineering process management and improvement programs that can help companies quickly learn and build a software engineering process, and begin implementation of the management and improvement.
Using other people's experience has been, whichever part of their useful, or make modifications using as a starting point. Then, in practice, continue to improve, to be innovative. This should be our catch up with world-class approach.
However, in the country, many people talk about the ISO9000, you will be talk of "quality certification"; a reference to SW-CMM, you will be speaking "rating." This is a dangerous signal indicates that, if handled properly, the introduction of foreign software engineering process technology, the work is likely to take detours in the beginning, serious damage to China's software industry. The effort to discuss this question carefully, than to discuss specific technical issues are more important.
On the "quality certification"
First of all, to discuss the "quality certification" this issue. (Probably the wrong term originally referred to with the ISO9000-related "quality management system certification," but, speaking to "quality certification", the impact would be misleading.)
In my opinion, it was proposed to "quality system certification" as a breakthrough in improving software quality, the software industry to promote ISO9000 certification for the software industry as a strategic direction is a wrong approach. The business goal as a "quality system certification", instead of the actual product quality. In the pursuit of "quality system certification," we fancy, or even fraudulent "rubbish certification", "mismatch" phenomenon inevitable. The results will be a waste of resources, damage the state and business interests, but also misleading the user. China must stop eat this kind of loss!
We are not entirely without "quality system certification" (for the CMM for the "level of evaluation capacity" or "rating"), but Nazhi apply to the choice of the contracting companies or other special occasions. Engage in a "certification rating movement", Nong Buhao software industry will bring a disaster, because we missed the real target. Meanwhile, China's software enterprises are not rich, not necessarily affordable consulting and certification costs. Or, they did not have sufficient human and financial resources to fully implement CMM. We must let them have the freedom to choose and develop the most appropriate for their specific program and timetable for development of the situation.
Domestic scholars point out that some companies engage in "quality system certification" just to be a advertisement, as a means of market competition. But why there is such a wrong company know about it? Why by the "quality system certification", it can be used as advertising and competition at all? Roots is that this misunderstanding is widespread in the media from some incorrect references appear in various forms of articles, speeches, reports, and even some policy documents. Fact is that these propaganda misled the company. If not the "quality system certification" Pengdao unrealistic position, and confused with the actual product quality, no one can make use of it advertising hype. Customers use the product, rather than "certification." Our customers and the market is still very young, and recognition ability is not very strong, therefore, have the opportunity to comment in the media, people, do not forget their responsibilities. Technical problems, it could never engage in "speculation" of.
Many companies are unspeakable, with industry competitors out of the "quality system certification," and rang the publicity it was forced to engage themselves. To ask ourselves, why does the formation of such a trend? We must immediately correct any misleading and misunderstanding, clear that by "quality system certification," or to achieve CMM "grade evaluation" of a certain level, only that the enterprise has a certain degree of potential ability to develop and manufacture high-quality software products. It does not mean it can really make a good product, or any of its products are good quality.
Let us look at a few well-known scholars on the quality of the quality of the definition:
Rhodamine (Deming): "the quality of the composition by the ability to meet demand."
Left Lan (Juran): "Quality is suitable for use."
Crosby (Ceosby): "Quality means the line be drawn up based on user needs and requirements."
Therefore, "quality system certification" is completely different from the true quality of products, called "quality certification" is misleading.
We should establish a standard of health: "everyone is equal before the quality." Encourage enterprises in developing and manufacturing high quality products and providing high quality customer service to compete. Media to promote both the quality. In the software business process management reporting and improved effectiveness, should also be talking about is the quality of these two, but by no means the adoption of the "certification" or "evaluation" as an ultimate outcome of publicity.
Here must be noted that some companies engaged in intentionally exaggerated consulting business "certification" role. Some of them were serious enough to know that the object of evaluation did not meet the conditions to carry out the "rating", or in the evaluation process of intentionally discharging water to meet customer requirements. This phenomenon, all related sectors should have a clear mind. This consulting firm just to income, regardless of whether the customers they really improve the software capability. Through this means for "certification" or by "rating" of the enterprise, is actually deceiving themselves. That is what got the "pass", but did not realize that the lack of real quality, eventually to be "expelled" the.
Let us carefully consider two issues:
1, "Quality System Certification" result reliable?
2, passed the "quality system certification", the enterprises must be able to develop and produce high quality software products yet? Did not do "quality system certification," they can not develop and produce high quality software products yet?
The answer is: "no." Because the key is not "certification" is not "certified."
Both domestic and foreign-related article discusses these issues and cite specific examples. Therefore, the key is the actual operation of the enterprise, "quality system certification" can not guarantee anything.
This can be said to be a common sense issue. In real life, the same in all subjects in school are perfect marks for the students, in the work of the performance will be different; have higher degrees of man may not always Chu good results; Juyou the same professional Jibie people, work performance there will be worlds apart. Therefore, the one-sided emphasis and reliance on assessment evaluation is very dangerous.
SW-CMM contempt and superstition is wrong attitude. Be it as a reference, like a certain hotel code name of "recipes Daquan", one of a series of Fine Arts, "oil painting techniques," or publishing a compilation of a "writing tutorial." How to understand the soul of the contents of reference, to learn the basic principles and objectives which, combined with their practical application to be flexible, is the attitude we should take.
The key is what? The key is process management and improvement of enterprises, truly achieve the time and on budget development and production of high quality software products. To users that high-quality products! Here, the "certification" and "evaluation" are not necessary.
"UF", "Golden Butterfly" and other companies in the software process management achievements, the key is due to the attention and participation of the leadership is committed to substantial internal process improvement. There is no "certification", they also will be successful.
Software companies want to survive and develop, both hope to establish process management and improvement, to improve their ability to force other people do not need. It is said that the software industry to promote ISO9000 certification, should be based on the premise of voluntary enterprise. However, when the relevant policies have such a number of provisions: "Through ISO9000 system certification of enterprises, give priority to ..., priority ...; the government priority to buy the company through the ISO9000 system certification of products.", "Priority support and promote the adoption of quality certification of software products. "When a business which can be" voluntary "mean? From some of the provisions of such people is impossible not to such a conclusion: ISO9000 system certification, product quality than the actual is more important!
In my opinion, to properly control the "certification" and "rating" of the use. Only in the final product quality can not be identified (for example, issued a software contract) when the only application of such methods.
The author suggested that the departments concerned can consider setting up a software product quality evaluation system, similar to the listed software comparative test, evaluation score, the outcome. Testers can be divided into two categories: professional engineers and product users. Pre-test project can all agree on. Can start from the simplest two points: 1. Instructions are clear. 2. Whether a product faithfully execute the instructions in the various functions.
As an example, Silicon Valley, here are a company specializing in the appraisal for the circuit simulator. They designed a series of test items to compare products on different platforms, different types of circuit emulation of the functional performance. Their ranking is very authoritative, became the basis for users to buy products. The simulator is constantly making efforts to improve the product manufacturer to the next better performance appraisal. This rating is attached to an electronic professional publications. They participate in competitions of the manufacturers to collect appraisal fees. We can use a variety of flexible ways of rating government-run or private.
I made use of a software error in the function of the realization of many leading core technology from that actually go against common sense with the results, and even product specifications and the actual product would not know that number. Borrow the words of a domestic counterparts: "can not believe such a product competition through the checks in their own!" But I believe, is full of such companies may take effort to go through "Quality Certification".
We should do is to help companies understand and improve the implementation of the importance of process management, to provide them with knowledge and information about working with them to resolve difficulties encountered, to assist the exchange of experiences among enterprises, vigorously promote the implementation of process management and enterprise as improvements achieved in the final product and customer service quality and business performance results, to compete with these results. The practitioners, experts, scholars and the media in these activities has much to offer and make its due contribution.
China's software industry in the application of some of the recommendations CMM
Now, let us look at the SW-CMM uses the following three:
1, for software process improvement. (SPI, Software Process Improvement)
Software companies to help change the course of their software to plan, develop and implement.
2, for software process assessment. (SPA, Software Process Assessment)
In the evaluation, a group of trained software professionals to determine the status of an enterprise software process, identify the business processes and software are facing the most pressing of all problems, and get enterprise-level software process improvement support. (This is to implement on a conducted.)
3, software capability evaluation. (SCE, Software Capabili Evaluation)
Capacity assessment, a group of trained software professionals identify qualified contractors contracts; or check the monitoring software is being used for software production process conditions.
The third, "the software capability evaluation" is not the Software Engineering Institute was originally created when the use of SW-CMM goals. In the SW-CMM to help some commercial companies successfully improve their software process, the U.S. Air Force Electronic Systems Command asked the Software Engineering Institute has developed a way to evaluate software contracts for contractors; Therefore, software process improvement (SPI) for this purpose in addition, SW-CMM Software Capability Evaluation increased (SCE) the new use.
Here is important to note the distinction between "software process assessment" and "software capability evaluation" is essentially different. "Process Evaluation" is the internal course of "software process improvement," when used to ascertain the current situation and the objectives identified for improvement carried out. The "capability assessment" issued by the software contract were used to identify and select qualified contract contractor. Naturally, businesses, the officer may take different (!) Attitude and measures to carry out both the assessment. China's software industry is still very weak, and not be able to provide many of the "ability to evaluate staff" to undertake this very challenging, "capability assessment of" work. If the attempt to implement once a large number of "capability evaluation" activities, evaluation results of the reliability of the inevitable low.
In the CMM "software process assessment" and "software capability evaluation" activities, will use a "Software Process Maturity questionnaires," the questionnaire. Reviewers use this questionnaire to understand first of all an enterprise's software engineering process and the situation, then how on this basis to further the investigation (for "Software Capability Evaluation," it is further "evidence"), for example, and different positions for the staff interviews, access to documents, or the actual process of sampling the data records.
However, if the "single question of software process maturity," a truthful answer, we can achieve an enterprise's software process maturity profile. One answer to this question, only spent about an hour, interested peers imitate try not to an informal "Software Process Assessment." Try to answer the "single question of software process maturity" of a larger benefit is that the questionnaire in a most natural way to introduce your CMM's world, eliminating the mystery of CMM. You would think: "ah, probably is all about."
Colleagues, CMM can be used only in our hands and could be a transformation tool, it is not a monster as long as the control of our, let us play to their wisdom, full use of it well and be creative. (Of course, if we ourselves do not control this tool, and if the method used is not correct, CMM can indeed turn into a monster just to control us.)
For the application of the software industry in China, CMM, I have the following preliminary recommendations:
a. focus on the software engineering process improvement (by means of "software process assessment"), unless necessary, not to engage in software capability assessment, not to pursue any "certification", "rating", "registration" and "registration."
b. Software Process Management and Improvement for the sole purpose: on time and on budget to develop and manufacture high-quality software products. (Quality of one of which is: Products to meet market needs. If you can not do this, all in vain.)
c. the CMM and other models and standards as a reference, rather than mechanically. Use their professional discretion.
d. In accordance with the enterprise's own characteristics, requirements and conditions to develop software to improve the process and select the part of the implementation.
e. The establishment and improvement of software process should be short, medium and long-term goals, quickly or slowly. Do not want to achieve anything once. Do not suddenly undergo a major revamp. Not a gambling type of overall investment. In the choice of what to do first when there are two considerations may be: "weakest link", "most likely to be effective and there are significant."
f. Do not start off target too high. Not all at once to satisfy a capability maturity level of all the objectives, you can try some of the key processes as part of the key areas of practice. To gain experience gradually.
g. top leadership must first understand the business of software process management and improvement of the establishment of an important and personally leading this work. To ensure that the staffing process management. Top leadership of the persistent business participation is a prerequisite for success.
h. Professional development of staff to fully support and participate in process management and improvement.
i. national government policy makers to listen to the "certification" of the pros and cons. Do not think you can simply use the implementation of the "certification", "rating" approach to enhance the capacity of the software industry. Only necessary as far as possible, limited "certification" and "rating" to choose a contracting business. And, after issuing the contract must be carried out construction supervision.
j. state financial assistance to enterprises in the software process improvement. For example, fees paid to external advisory bodies can be considered for some or all tax deductible and so on.
k. enterprise advisory body outside by the consulting firm must be on the "process of assessment" results (trade secret) secret. Only in this way can the enterprises within the "process of assessment" in the frank exposure to software problems existing in the process. To develop a real solution process improvement measures.
l. a business or organization is far from alone a little bit of knowledge on the SW-CMM is to make a "comprehensive" Application of SW-CMM introduction of the decision. It is a very important decision. SW-CMM comprehensive introduction application scope is very broad, and requires human, financial and equipment resources input. Enterprises must be on the SW-CMM and the thorough understanding of all knowledge only after considering whether to introduce a comprehensive application of SW-CMM and SW-CMM to the introduction of application problems.

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The fate of Sina and Sohu, Sina too poor to only ads

Sina and Sohu, China's two biggest Internet portals, most lasting a pair of enemies. Because of the great success in the content, Sina and Sohu, the outsider, has been conducting homogeneous competition in both wireless access, instant messaging, games, search and other areas, the more so. Diversification, the incident became a symbol of China's portal.

Since then, people seemed to be concentrated in the more assertive Charles Zhang body, and to the figures on the Sohu earnings were questioned and criticized. As everyone knows, those days, Sohu China Mobile suffered the torment of punishment, while Sina's high profits because of the wireless business while maintaining a plausible earnings.

However, this did not last long. CEO turnover has been traditionally characterized by Sina, a wide range of road in front began to shrink. Funds have been spent that year acquired the wealth of high trip sale, and UC's devastated, that the acquisition of Sina and the network in addition to hearing Lung Hing, failed. NCsoft joint venture with South Korea's music valley, and eventually out of cash two million U.S. dollars Sina ended. More noteworthy is that the sale of wealth journey out of 900 thousand U.S. dollars of income and Fun Valley two million U.S. dollars income, all net profit was booked as the fifth CEO Charles Chao admitted its first earnings report since.

Since then, Sina frequent high-level through the activities and the voice of the expression to the outside world's determination to focus on online advertising. With the move to implement and strengthen the New Deal, Sina's financial statements, advertising revenue from 40% before gradually rising to 60% and return to core business status.

The control of professional managers with different Sina, Sohu founder always grasp the lifeline, patience and toughness is more obvious, even criticized. Came through the acquisition of chinaren, 17173, focus, goodfeel and map line world, although much less the voice of the industry, but in their respective fields still maintained a leadership position in Figure line world is integrated into the search dogs, search dogs to become the only one with their own map search search engine.

Beginning in 2004, Charles Zhang has been on the outside technology-driven and product-oriented emphasis, as Sohu in marketing have left a deep impression, few people believe that Charles Zhang technology. However, when the fluid on the World Cup video shown in Sohu, people gradually began to believe that the Charles Zhang perseverance and commitment. Self-developed online game Tian Long Ba Bu, Sohu also offers a new growth opportunity. Sohu and Sogou input method blog success is the technology to accumulate people Sohu new look.

Sohu's assessment of people who do not know what characteristics of Sohu, Sina's evaluation is on the news. Now, in addition to Sina news, not a subtle business, had been high hopes and Wang Yan in person to promote the search engine around, it finally sink like a stone to choose give up independent R & D use Google's technology. Advertising revenue growth and other business in the doldrums, so we have to believe that today's Sina, Sina is a completely-out content.

In contrast, people seem to never leave the Sohu's chinaren, 17173, focus and graphics world. Sohu in the layout of technology and products has become more clear, P2P in the country has the absolute leading position in the search engines with no gap between competitors, the game turned on the network, blog product experience superior. Sohu's content, too, in his development, Internet advertising revenue continues to the frequency of double-digit growth, the Olympics returned to the Sohu covered with a veil of mystery but worth the wait.

Web2.0 the rise of users from passive recipients into active creators of content products more representative than the future of the Internet. Under this wave of Sina and Sohu, whose fate will be even better? The face of Tencent, Baidu's rise against the capital, who has enough?

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Tencent no winner already had three incidents

Event Playback

This year in November, Tencent 15 former employees were prosecuted because they violated the "noncompete agreement", switched to rival work. Employees of the defendant, the prosecution let the old owner was furious indignation, but also worry. For the Tencent company, "The switch to a large number of employees to give competitors technical and commercial secrets," the long run will it bring irreversible damage. Meanwhile, opponents frequently Tencent think even for people who already acts throughout the sector, to bring the company's normal operating difficulties. As for the "winkle company" is concerned, obviously the expansion of commercial competition in the common behavior, but also faces challenges to switch to after-care staff.

The current session the proceedings, but did not receive employee Tencent private reconciliation requirements, at the same time, to lure them away by also issued a statement, said the staff is considering to hire a lawyer on behalf of the respondent.

Expert Comments

Career re-accumulation of credit

ChinaHR Director of Human Resources Li-Rong Zhang

This switched to the three parties will not bring long-term interests. Was dug from the side, first reflect on their own responsibility for loss of staff where quick improvements to prevent further similar incidents; course, in the staff induction include full terms and liability is the most effective; from winkle side is able to obtain only short-term interests in the long run is not wise; Maybe someday these people will repeat here; then for staff to move on, the future of society is becoming increasingly important credit , maliciously switched abroad to pay the price of credit, from the career speaking, there is accumulation of dishonesty against themselves. Mature companies should promote healthy competition, but should stay away from malicious.

Each based on three grievances dilemma

Internet attorney experienced in the Wealth of Nations

Learn more ways to protect corporate trade secrets

In general, companies with the following two ways to protect trade secrets, confidential one to establish a sound system, such as the signing of various agreements, limited to a variety of learned the secret of the authority, or simply by applying for patents to protect business secrets; second regard, companies can determine if the leaks can also be resolved through legal channels, this is a legal basis in law's.

Currently, many enterprises have not yet want a good confidential way is by all technical means to prevent leakage of secret or open secret, but as far as possible apply for a patent, but also good human resources management.

The new labor law have left more to protect rights

If employees want to win the case, it is not impossible, because under the "noncompete" agreements, while companies can require employees to leave after a certain period of time not to join rival company, but it should also be given to workers compensation. Under the new labor law, such compensation should be when employees leave, it is more reasonable.

Who already had legal responsibility to discharge that is bounded

If the employee does not terminate the contract and the original unit, then lure them away knowing that the matter in the case of employees are still employed, it is to bear legal responsibility. However, if the employee has and for the units to lift a contract job that got to understand, then, even if there is a "noncompete" agreement first, and bear the risk of litigation is only my staff, who already had a legal responsibility is difficult to .

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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Production of fine wood decorative painting

Final renderings

1, create a 25 脳 25 cm white documents, use the "Rectangular Marquee Tool" draw the image center of a 18 脳 18 cm square constituency ready to draw the wood of the floor.

2, create a new layer, named "bottom", set the foreground color to dark brown (R: 40, G: 0, B: 0), the background color is black. Select "Gradient Tool" column set to fill in the form attribute to "Radial Gradient" from the constituencies of the dwarfed rectangular gradient fill the inside out, the effect shown in Figure 01.

Figure 01

3, set the foreground color to yellowish brown (R: 190, G: 120, B: 3), create a new layer, named "Squid", select "Pencil Tool" in the property bar to set an appropriate size brush, Figure 02 shows the "squid" squid drawing layer, pay attention to trends and changes in thickness. Then in the "squid" layer on top of a new layer, as shown in Figure 03 drawn second squid.

Figure 02

Figure 03

4, when the squid drawing is completed, set the background color is dark brown (R: 92, G: 29, B: 1), foreground color changed, add the two squid layer filter effects. Implementation of the "Filter"> "Rendering"> "fiber" command, open the "fiber" dialog box, in which the setting "change" is 27, set the "density" is 22, and then click OK "good" button, this can see that we have just drawn a good squid with wood grain effect, as shown in Figure 04. This additional filter, but Photoshop CS! After the wood may be more convenient! !

Figure 04

5, activation of any of the following "squid" layer in the Layers palette at the bottom click the "Add layer style" button, open the "Layer Style" dialog box, check the "inner shadow" style, set the mixed mode to Multiply overlay, set the shadow color is dark brown (R: 96, G: 0, B: 0), set the opacity to 75, distance, blocking and size, respectively 7,0,13.

Then check the "inner light" style, set the mixed mode for the positive overlay, set the glow color to gray (R: 89, G: 89, B: 89), set the opacity to 55, variegated, 0, method for the more flexible , the source for the edge, blocking and size, respectively 0,24.

Then check the "slope relief" style, set the style for the outer slope, set method for carving soft, depth 580, direction, the size of 3, softening to 0, set the pattern for the color filter with high light and high light color is white, not transparency of 100, set the dark tone mode color deepened, set the shadow color is dark brown (R: 105, G: 40, B: 4), opacity 58.

Is more crucial is the final check "Stroke" style, set the size to 3, location, external, mixed-mode normal, opacity 100, the fill type of color, the color set to light brown (R: 122, G: 65, B: 7), set up good after clicking the button, you can see the squid is not only a third dimension, but there is a real heat transfer effects.

Then, right-click on the layer in the pop-up menu, select copy layer effects of the command, in another "squid" layer on the right-click pop-up menu, select Paste Layer Effect Command, completed as shown in Figure 05.

Figure 05


6, set the foreground color to white, create a new layer named "petals", select "Pencil Tool" in the property bar to set an appropriate size brush, as shown in Figure 06 in the "petals" to draw a white layer petals. Then the "squid" layer of layer effects of paste to the "petals" layer, the effect shown in Figure 07.

Figure 06

Figure 07

7, the light of the above methods draw more petals, the composition of flowers, attention to the order before and after each petal layers, complete results shown in Figure 08.

Figure 08

8, Next, two new layers, using the "Pencil Tool" to draw two separate layers yellow flower and red flower, were added after drawing layer effects, to produce three-dimensional effect, as shown in Figure 09 .

Figure 09

9, after the first few steps of the exercise, we can quickly draw other flowers, and but to pay attention to other flowers are not completely open, there are just a bud, but can only see the outer surface of the petals, in order to distinguish petals of the inner surface and outer surface, we are not open to those with yellow flowers, but also white transition is completed as shown in Figure 10.

Figure 10


10, create a new layer, named "shell flower", use the "lasso tool" as shown in Figure 11, draw a drop-shaped constituency, filling brown (R: 104, G: 57, B: 22), after filling use the "Dodge Tool" to erase the graphics after filling to produce "shell flower" on the high-light, and finally use the "pen tool" in the spent shells to draw black spots.

Figure 11

11, spent shell in the draw after the completion of its copy, rotate, as shown in Figure 12 to adjust their location and layer order, and the flowers together.

Figure 12

12, create a new layer, named "frame", using the "Rectangular Marquee Tool" in the center of the image to draw a slightly larger square box, filled with brown (R: 50, G: 0, B: 0), and implementation of the "select"> "Edit"> "Shrink" command, open the shrink constituency dialog box, enter the contract amount needed to narrow constituencies, as shown in Figure 13. Elected to reduce press the Del key area to delete, create a hollow square, as picture frames, then add the "bevel and embossed" layer effect, shown in Figure 14.

Figure 13

Figure 14

13, select the "vertical text tool" in the upper right corner of frame type "Fragrance" word, set the font for the Seal, the color is dark red (R: 94, G: 0, B: 0), then its Add a layer effect with the same flowering branch, and finally activate the "floor" layers, layer effects to add a shadow to the decorative painting hanging on the wall there is a three-dimensional effect, shown in Figure 15.

Figure 15


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SuperBurner MP4 Converter

SuperBurner MP4 Converter is a best video and movie converter to MP4 video software! This product offers convert all popular formats to iPod, PSP, Zune, iPhone, MP4 video/ movie, Easy Convert DVD, VCD, SVCD, AVI, MPEG, WMV, MOV, MP4, RM, RMVB, DivX, ASF, VOB, 3GP and etc. SuperBurner MP4 Converter helps you watch your music videos and movies on your iPod, PSP, Zune, iPhone. In addition, you can also extracting audio from movie or music video and converting to iPod supported MP3 file format! SuperBurner MP4 Converter is the fastest Rip DVD movie to iPod, PSP, Zune, iPhone, MP4 video, you can convert almost all kinds of DVD to MP44 format. Its conversion speed is far faster than real-time, converting one DVD movie only takes half an hour in some high-end computers. SuperBurner MP4 Suite supports single-step conversion of DVD video into iPhone-ready MPEG-4 format while some other soft wares need two steps which wastes unnecessary time.

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Digital CDA ID3 WAV to RA Copier

Digital CDA ID3 WAV to RA Copier is designed for the everyday user with amazing audio effects, audio filters and tools for converting audio files into different formats, ripping Audio CD tracks to audio directly, including MP3, WMA, WAV, Ogg Vorbis, VOX, Audio CD Tracks(CDA) and many others. querying Audio CD CDDB information from internet. You can edit the title, artist, album, year, genre and comment information of your files.It is an easy-to-use tool to convert your audio CD to MP3, CD, CDA, CD-R, DVD-Audio, AAC, AC3, ID3, M3U, M4A, M4P, MP3 ID3 Tag, OGG, RA, WAV, WMA, MP2, APE, VQF, MPC, AMR, Midi, WAVE, and RM file. It support FreeDB function and you can get track title, artist, and album information from the Internet CD database. And more, Converter function built-in to converting MP3, WAV, WMA, OGG, from one format to another.It builds with a small Tag Editor. It has strong reading-disc-function.

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Friday, June 25, 2010

Lohan Flash to iPod

Lohan Flash to iPod is a professional video converter to convert almost all popular video/movie formats to iPhone MP4 format. The output iPod MP4 video files can be played on your Apple iPod. All popular video/movie formats are supported, including AVI, MPEG/MPG/DAT, WMV, ASF, MP4, M4V, 3GP, 3G2, H264, MPEG4, AVC, MOV, QT, DivX, XviD, VOB, FLV, etc. The amazing output quality with super fast conversion speed is brough you by the built-in power MPEG4 encoder. All the output iPod MP4 videos fit your Apple iPhone.

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